During Minnesota winter, it’s very important to take high does of immunity boosting supplements. Beside lots of exercise, sleep, pleasure (sex, art, satisfying work, community, playtime in the Wilds, and solitude), I also take mad doses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C(rush) that is.

I love spaciousness. I live four blocks from Lake Superior. This great lake moves me on the daily because of her impossible to develop square area, shifting colors, dramatic shifts in mood in minutes flat, invitations to swim during warmer months. Its surface and shorelines change constantly too yet the hugeness and horizon where water meets sky is a constant. Yes, wide wide water is my thing. Always has been, I believe, always will be.

Flirting on the dance floor, sitting drinking tea together in my office, cuddling on a couch, dancing in and out of different gallery spaces at an art show hoping to see her again and again, fucking for hours in a hotel bed early morning. There is no more light or dark in any of these acts. My mental concepts have just assigned different meaning. I queer these relationships with light and dark.

I love moments of shared awareness used to make something out of the attraction, pleasure and desire I feel about and with another person.

It’s WITCH month and I want to give a shout out to all the womXn in my life. Holy! 2017 covens and feminist explosions everywhere= art+awareness+activist Families, beautiful Co-workers, intoxicating Lovers, dearest Friends, creative Producers I love you so much

After the third, the phrase “I’m fun to have sex with” floated through my head. I noticed it and smiled. This last week has been all about dedication to watching thoughts come up and choosing not to get carried away by them. It was a mild flirting with the idea of death, or moreover, the idea of letting go of all I absolutely Love about life- and there is SO FREAKING MUCH I do love.

A crush is a spark, a match, do I want to feed the fire? Fire, light, life, sex. All of this sits right here between us at the Spring Equinox. I want to feel my fire, light, life, sex in ways known and unknown. That is the best way to describe this moment. Spring equinix if the balance of the known and the unknown. It is really quite delicious.

This is about training my brain and head and body. Letting go and allowing intuition to steer, trust my human foot on the gas, the new and substantive places I can go.  Right now SIMC is the option, andnd Duluth feminism.

Oh radical queer feminist crushes, feelings, desires to fuck in a small town. Exciting and  disconcerting. Free and constrained. Confusing and fun. She likes me and I’m turned on by them. Focus wide and then come back to center. Push and then relax. Routine, ritual and then ahhhhh! shake it up.