Erin O'daniel is a writer, artist and gender expansive womxn living in Duluth, Minnesota

Social Determinants of Sexual Pleasure

Hello and Happy Fall. I’ve taken the spring and summer off from blogging as I healed my heart (after death of beloved father figure and my pup Lichen). Duluth offers a richness in the warmer months. I drank it in.

Now though I feel as if I’m learning how to ride my SiMC blog bike all over again. This year I’m focused on moving the project from personal essay to research and social science. I’m asking more questions about the intersections of whiteness and pleasure and anti-racism. I’m committed to exploring the current political climate (supreme court and Roe v Wade). Most importantly, I’m inviting some new voices to the table- my fellow community members who also consider themselves wildness loving, pleasure activists committed to collective liberation especially from white dominance.

I’ll be exploring the macro, where community based research, health equity, and sex positivity meet, which I’m calling in this context ‘Social Determinants of Sexual Pleasure’ (SDSP). I’ll also continue to weave in stories on the micro level. This year while healing from trauma and loss, I’ve grown community in new ways and fallen even deeper in love with my bigLake (yes to hours swimming, reading, romping waterside almost everyday). I’ll be writing from a place of immense appreciation and reconnection.

 I’ll be writing about the shame and silence that impacts the sexual climate of northern MN and engaging experts on said topics. This includes our desire to create relationships in new ways and asking why we limit ourselves to traditional ways of connection.

 I will also be digging deeper into my own internal world. My limitations and loops that as a pleasure and anti-racist activist run me into corners and with me up very tall ragged mountains. My meditation practice has been the third most important element to me recognizing and remembering my strength this last year. In addition I feel a closeness with my blood family I haven’t for years. I will be writing about them and my white ancestors.

Lastly, fall and winter are the seasons to apply for grants, residencies and fellowships. I’m asking several “what next” questions, craving expansion on many levels. While I’ve experienced high and lows in this area of my life in 2018 as well, I’ll use SiMC to share how I move through all parts of the process. I hope it’s helpful for y’all. Growing my creative economy is integral. I find it important to do it in community- surrounded by other creatives. We live different lives than those who are not makers, designers, artists, folx committed to their crafts. It is important for me to remember to seek, recongnize and write about this support on the daily.

To recap, end of 2018-2019 Sex in My City goals and focus:

  1. Ask more questions about intersections of whiteness, pleasure and  anti-racism.

  2. Explore the current political climate (supreme court and Roe v Wade).

  3. Invite new voices to the table

  4. Weave in stories on the micro level

  5. Write about the shame and silence that impacts the sexual climate of northern MN and engage local experts on said topics

  6. Design research opps related to SDSP and publish results

  7. Share mediation/dharma- dig deeper into my own internal world

  8. Write about my family and white ancestors

  9. Expand capacity building and creative economy- use SiMC to  share how I move through all parts of the process


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