Erin O'daniel is a writer, artist and gender expansive womxn living in Duluth, Minnesota

Vitamin C(rush)

During Minnesota winter, it’s very important to take high does of immunity boosting supplements. Today, in this momentous 30th! SIMC post, I’ll share my favorite wellness regimen with you beloved blog readers. Beside lots of exercise, sleep, pleasure (sex, art, satisfying work, community, playtime in the Wilds, and solitude), I also take mad doses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C(rush) that is.

I believe, and have tested this belief out and found it to be true over fifteen northern Minnesota winters, crushes keep a person healthy during the coldest season of the year. Currently I have multiple crushes and feel healthy as a horse. Similar to stocking up on other vitamins this time of year, keeping a “cabinet” full of crushes is an additional level of cell defense.  This daily practice counters all the stressors that wear down the body here in the upper Midwest November through May.

Yes, think of having a crush as one of the most powerful antioxidants out there. I find it extremely helpful to have multiple (strengths of) crushes during this season. Long distance crushes lend excitement and longing often in the form of letters, emails, social media posts or internet “research”. Local crushes allow surprise interactions= endorphins and immune boosters flood the system whenever you crash into your crush at the food co-op, library or Friday night art opening. Each do something different for the whole. So stock up!

Yes, I recommend crushing out as much as possible during these seven, long northern months to maintain balance in your system and community. As the dark wears on (us), we can become irritable and are less inclined to say “yes!” to other forms of fun. When it’s negative forty outside, it’s easier to stay at home night after night. We as people crave to be around other people. We desire time with our tribe. If we commit to a practice of crushing, knowing that it lends balance and wellness to our lives as individuals and a collective entity, we’re also giving to the greater good.

This simple yet radical practice of crushing out on people lifts the spirits, helps maintain supple mental and physical strength, and boosts the emotions + energy bodies. All five components of well-being are critical for not just surviving a winter but thriving!

As we move into the most intense of our twelve months along the shores of Lake Superior, I thought I’d share my top ten ways to crush and practice noticing crushes. Similar to the radical act of noticing pleasure, noticing a crush is where the power lies. Most of us are naturally lusty, easily-turned on, phermone producing folx. I allow these components of my physical being to blend with my Wild! existential parts which always desire and will forever desire expansion and growth (and are completely free of limiting thoughts, mental concepts and social constructs yesssSSS!) 

This brilliant intersectionality allows for high level focus on the Vitamin C(rush) goodness available in our lives without much effort. The magic lies in allowing the crushes to be…right here and enjoying them. 

Okay, sing with me know, “This is How We Do it”:

Notice the crush, notice how good it feels to crush.  Repeat.

Notice you smiling about your crush, notice how good it feels to smile about your crush. Repeat.

Notice the rush of heat that fills your body when you interact with your crush, notice how good that warmth feels throughout your physical being. Repeat.

Notice how spotting the letter your crush sent you that sits on your nightstand fills you with glee, notice how good smiling every time you glance at that letter feels.

Notice that crushing increases your catalogue of fantasies for morning (or night-my preference is early day) masturbation.

Notice your crushes increasing your sexual desire for your current partner or lovers- remember the power in choosing to believe there is an abundance of love, sex, friendship in the world. Nothing is in opposition.

Notice how the people you care about are lit up from the inside out when they’re crushing and talking about their crushes. Repeat.

Notice how you dress, exercise, eat, communicate, accomplish, make, create when you’re crushing. Notice you doing more of those pleasure inducing activities thanks to a commitment to your Vitamin C(rush) intake.

Notice the generosity that pours from you in all directions when you’re taking the perfect does of Vitamin C(rush). We are naturally giving folx in a benevolent universe. Crushing connects us to these inherent parts of ourselves and the world we live in. A-bun-dance is everywhere- and noticeable with practice.

Notice the way you start focusing on the beauty of bodies, your own and others around you- swell of lips, strength in stature, color of eyes. Damn are we beautiful specimens of bone and muscle. Crushable! All so freaking crushable. 

As humans, we constantly remember and forget, remember and forget. We create ritual and practice so beneficial daily routines become uplifting and easy and part of our somatic programming. Don’t beat yourself up if you commit feverishly after the New Year to the above practice and then slack a bit come February. Be kind to yourself in the Vitamin C(rush) department. If you forget to Crush one day (or month), make up for it the next. Time is an abundant resource. Allow it to work with the crushing. 

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