Erin O'daniel is a writer, artist and gender expansive womxn living in Duluth, Minnesota

Yes! Witches

Men in my Heart, Not in my Parts
Man as my Spouse, Not in my House
(gurl group brilliance 7th anniversary flavor & shout out to my spirit animals)

frog SIMC! Hello again. Thank you for waiting for me to come back to you all confident like and clear post summer seXXXcapades.  You. Are. The. Best!!

It’s WITCH month and I want to give a shout out to all the womXn in my life. Holy! 2017 covens and feminist explosions everywhere= art+awareness+activist Families, beautiful Co-workers, intoxicating Lovers, dearest Friends, creative Producers I love you so much

Here we as female bodied and identified folx, woman, wmen, womXn stand and cum together. Recognizing the power of our clearest and deepest desires. Like water we allow ourselves to be filled up and express ourselves Over and Over again, in new and familiar ways.

white buffalo On the eve of this blog going live, I sit and write about witches. There’s something about claiming my history and wanting to learn more about these women that lends to the changing of the seasons. Here, now- noticing, recognizing, celebrating my Witch! vibe, I allow myself to ease into the darker season. Claiming my Yes! Witches self, I let go of all resistance to the present cool, colors changing, fallish moment.

frog Summer 2017 was all yes and more please of that pleasure thank you. So much goodness on our beach and warm, delish fullness in community. Yes yes, effortless, endless coming together waterside. Damn does that do my body, mind and emotions well.

Sex local-ish reentered my reality and was so SO fun. I recently read a Bust magazine article about the way witches lubed their broomsticks for pleasure. Potions in the lotions!  They were not only flying places, they were FLYING places.  Altering their realities through their lady parts was a way for them to experience euphoria and tap into other worldly wisdoms.

armadillo Interesting to be three months into connecting with a cute womxn up the shore and sexually have fun whenever our lives intersect. I’m an eternal fan of spontaneous sex so this planning when and how we see each other, if we see each other at all during a week, is a challenging experience. My magic wand lays next to my bed ready and willing for action more nights than she and I. My heart opens and closes al protective like.

Interesting, the dominant narratives or “stories/beliefs” I have in my head about sex even though I think of myself as a very tapped in and aware individual. I’ve been surrounded by folx doing things very traditionally here in the Northland- in terms of pleasure and coupling. The space between newest lover and I is allowing me to tap some pleasure, intimacy frustration, and also see even further into those limiting narratives.

crow Witches! challenged dominant ways of thinking, feeling, living from the start. The stereotype of feminist as witch is a powerful one. Feminists focus on, fight for, give their lives to achieving equity for all instead of settling for just equality or sameness. I want new and different ways, dynamic ways of living and being. Strong and unified. I constantly engage the notions and expressions of collective liberation and justice for all. It’s in my Yes! Witches blood. Audre!!!!!!

I sometimes lose my perspective and buy into dominant narratives that tell me that one romantic relationship should be my primary focus, or my job should be our first commitment.  Here as Witch! I weave all the things that mean the most to me together. Justice, fairness, freedom for all. I have to ask and keep asking myself what my deepest desire is over and over and over again because dominant culture is constantly telling me what I should want.

white buffalo I’ve spent time with words like equity, justice, unity recently. I dig deeper into what these tools actually mean to me. I’ve asked how do I know myself and my community and my work in the context of these terms.

I believe this is what it means to me to be a witch. I constantly question dominant ideas and beliefs and ways of doing things while I radiate love out into the world.  As an artist, author, activist and sexual outlaw, my favorite four working titles for myself, I’ve created spaciousness and vast opportunities to ask why? how? who? and ultimately bringing myself back to my deepest, clearest, most brilliant desire.

crow Yes! Witches=Justice, freedom, well being, pleasure, beauty, wildness, love and joy for myself and all.

The way I achieve this is to work in community and spend hours upon alone. It’s the witchiest way I’ve found to live. While parts of me think I want a coupled, settled down, sex available 24/7, success (as in lots of cash and celebrity) reality, what I really really want is ultimately what I have. This ability to continuously come back to my desire allows me to confidently and fully engage all of myself.

buffalo This witchy ability to say yes to so many different parts of myself, both out in the world and in intimate relationship with myself+other, translates into justice and pleasure and Joy+Love. It takes practice- constant navigation and rebalancing what I know about who I am, how I love, and all that lives beyond me.

frog Yes! Witches is my Queer call to arms (laughter, pleasure, loving touch) and cry to end all struggle, war, oppression, self doubt. I jump on my lubed up broomstick and fly to the ends of all my worlds and then pause, orgasm, and smile. Being in community with others on the same metaphorical flight patterns is glitter filled and invaluable. Especially when swallowed at times by the dominant narrative, I emerge from the whale bruised and tender.

As a Yes! Witches witch, I always climb back into the air, back in bed next to someone, back online, back into the spotlight, back into the water and forest and fire. I say Yes! Witches and know I’m not alone. Dominant paradigms, patriarchies, practices be damned. I stand with amazing womxn now and have/will forever.

Enjoy enjoy Yes! Witches month bitches. Allow your loins to sizzle and sparkle and shine on that broomstick. And may all the fires you share with other witches warm you inside and out.




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